A Better Future Begins With Better Credit 


Today's economy runs on credit. If you want to get a mortgage loan for a house, to purchase a car, or if you just want to get a credit card, You must have good credit for a creditor to extend credit to you. Your creditworthiness is the key to your financial  freedom.

Good credit determines your interest rate, or if you will get your needs met.

Poor credit makes it more difficult to obtain credit cards with low interest rates, affects your car insurance rates, and makes it tedious when attempting to get a loan for any reason. Listen, even if you're not in the market for a loan, You need good credit to rent a nice apartment,  and to secure a good job.  In today's climate, employers are reviewing credit scores to determine whether to employ or consider you for a promotion, so having a good score today is tool for necessary and vital for your success.   

Our company works with leaders in the credit repair industry to raise your credit score (United Credit Education Services), to protect your identity (LifeLock) and to create opportunities for your future. Click here to download a listing of all of our services, and upon review, Click here to get your Protection Plan Membership Today.  You may alsocall us to obtain for your free credit evaluation at 954-800-5327. We are nationwide and we're here to serve you! 



Credit Restoration

Work with our credit experts to eliminate any inaccurate, obsolete or erroneous accounts 

Will, Trust, POA

We provide a comprehensive planning package, customized to your needs to create your full estate plan

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With our Protection Plan Membership, you will enjoy exclusive money saving services while protecting your identity, credit, family, finances, lifestyle and future. Our Protection Plan includes the first four services shown above, and the additional seven shown below: This is the Only Membership of its kind! 

  • 5: Debt Zero: A clear guide on how to pay down your debt

  • 6: Smart Credit: Manages all of your online accounts in one place

  • 7: Travel: Access to the best all inclusive resorts around the world

  • 8: Positive Credit Builder: Our Credit Education and Resource Center 

  • 9: RX Discount Card: Reduces your out of pocket prescription expenses

  • 10: Financial LockBox: Organizes and secures your insurance, banking and financial information

  • 11: Shopping Portal : Allows you to earn higher Cash Back benefits and discounts 

  • 12: YFL: FES donates $2  from every Protection Plan payment to the Youth Financial Literacy Foundation



Proactively safeguard your identity, credit, finances, and good name with monitoring and alerts before the damage is done

Your Financial Health Revolves Around Your Credit Score!


Credit Attorney

Work with our attorneys to fix consumer credit reports and fight abusive debt collectors the legal way

Raise Your Credit Score

Protect Your Identity